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Syme Woolner Neighbourhood & Family Centre (SWNFC) was founded in 1996 through the

Our Vision

An inclusive community where people are empowered to come together to help each other out.

Our Mission

Syme Woolner Neighbourhood & Family Centre is a community based organization, working with

Our Values

Respect and Dignity
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We believe that every person has the right to be met with compassion, accepted in a non-judgmental way, and treated with respect and dignity.
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We embrace diversity and support non-discriminatory policies and practices.
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We actively seek ways to welcome all members of our community and ensure they have the opportunity to participate in meaningful ways.
Building Capacity
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We nurture the development of individual potential by providing an environment that encourages learning and growth for our clients, staff, volunteers, and community.
Equitable Access
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We are committed to complying with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). If you require an accommodation please contact us at (416)-766-4634 or at swoolner@symewoolner.org
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We believe that each of us is enriched when we are able to work collaboratively with one another to share experiences, perspectives, information, knowledge and supports.
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We employ open and honest communication and ethical decision-making practices in all that we do.
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We recognize that our community has entrusted us with an important responsibility, so we take care to be responsible and accountable for the management of our agency.

Board of Directors

Witcliffe Henry, Board Chair

Christine Taylor, Secretary

James Gregg, Treasurer

James Gregg, Director

Christine Taylor, Director

Brandie Wilson

Board Chairperson

Donald L Banton

Vice Chairperson

Austin Ofori


George Dixon


Mike Rix


Michael Brito




D.L. Banton, Executive Directors

Phone: 416-766-4634

EXT. 2210

Receptionist/Food Bank Worker

Phone: 416-766-4634

EXT. 2210

Community Services

Sophia Cascart, Jane’s Drop-in Program Coordinator

Phone: 416-766-4634

EXT. 2280

Sagar Nyaupane, Harm Reduction Program Coordinator

Phone: 416-766-4634

EXT. 2230

Drop-In Worker

Phone: 416-766-4634

Lynette Brown, Meal Program Cook

Phone: 416-766-4634

Robert McArthur, Meal Program Assistant

Phone: 416-766-4634

Carolyn Lewis, 190 Food Bank Worker

Phone: 416-766-4634

Children and Youth Services

Tanika Hewitt, Program Director

Phone: 416-767-2186

Celena Elias, Early On Centre Facilitator

Phone: 416-767-2186

Holly Jackson, Early-On Worker

Phone: 416-767-2186

Staff Directory

Sophia Cascart

Jane’s Drop-In Program Coordinator

Joseph Ayume

Housing Support Coordinator

Celena Elias

Early ON Centre Facilitator

Ambia Ali

Early ON Centre Relief Worker

Financial Statements

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Employment Opportunities


Syme Woolner Neighbourhood & Family Centre (SWNFC) was founded in 1996 through the amalgamation of Syme Family Centre and Jane/Woolner Neighbourhood Association. SWNFC builds on their legacy of providing high quality programming that engages community members from childhood through adolescence to adulthood.


Working in partnership with other local agencies and community groups, SWNFC advocates for the provisions of appropriate and effective community based services to ensure that programs and initiatives clearly demonstrate elements of leadership development and participant involvement. Community residents are actively involved in defining and developing services that address the issues important to the community.

Our Mission

Syme Woolner Neighbourhood & Family Centre is a community based organization, working with diverse communities to build self-sufficiency and enhance quality of life. We do this in collaboration with partners by providing a range of programs and services that foster social inclusion, facilitate growth and development, and offer real solutions.